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Brackets commonly referred to as “braces” are attached to the teeth with a special orthodontic bonding material.


Bands are “small metal rings” that fit around the back teeth and are attached to teeth with “special bonding materials”. This “special bonding material” referred to as “cement” holds the band securely to your teeth. This cement also seals the tooth from getting food debris inside the band, which could cause decay. Dr. Patel uses a fluoride releasing light curable cement. A “buccal tube” is specially welded to the band and the arch-wire is attached to the buccal tube helps move these back teeth. Inorder to minimize breakage or “bond” failures associated with the molar teeth, Dr. Patel usually bands the back molars since they are used for elastics and are also subject to chewing forces.


The “Archwire” is the wire that fits inside the bracket and the buccal tubes on the back molars and actually allows the movement of teeth. The archwires are made of different alloys from stainless steel to nickel titanium! The archwires come in different sizes and strength to allow for optimal tooth movement.

ligating modules or the “O” rings:

Ligating modules, also commonly called “Power O's” or “O rings”. These are very small circular rubber bands that attach the archwires to each bracket so that the wire stays attached to the bracket. The Power O's come in clear and multiple designer colors. These “O rings” are replaced by Dr. Patel at your archwire adjustment appointment. You can customize your fashion statement by having different colors of your choice replaced at your archwire adjustment appointment! We even have the “glow-in-the-dark” modules!

steel ligature modules:

Steel Ligatures are sometimes used to tie in the archwires securely to the brackets. Ligatures are very thin yet strong steel wires that may be necessary when keeping the archwire fully secured into the bracket is necessary!


Elastics are the “rubber bands” that are placed on teeth to move such teeth. Elastics come in various sizes and strengths and are worn in several different ways. Elastics come in different colors so you can choose which color you want to wear!

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