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Here’s what you should do at least once a week!.

Check your braces, wires, bands once a week for anything “loose or bent or sticking out”. If a bracket or band becomes loose or you break a wire, please call our office so that we can arrange an appointment long enough to repair it. Try to explain what has happened by using the diagram provided to you at the beginning of your orthodontic treatment. Be as specific as possible with the receptionist. If you lose your rubber bands, call us so we can mail you some more or drop by the office and pick some up.

Please do not wait until the end of the day or for weekends prior to calling our office. You must call the office as soon as you experience any of the above, even, if you have a scheduled orthodontic appointment within the next few days or the day of your orthodontic emergency.

Should you experience an orthodontic emergency, please be advised of the following:

contact our office:

Please call our office at (301)879-9500. Please listen to entire menu of options including any attached messages carefully so that your call can be processed properly. Please follow the instructions properly and leave a message in our emergency message center mail box, if so stated at the beginning of the message, so that the doctor-on-call will be paged and he or she will return your call at the earliest convenience. Although our phone systems are equipped with battery backup systems, during extended power failures, equipment malfunction or phone system disruptions, you may not be able to contact the doctor-on-call. Should this happen, you should contact your family dentist, or an orthodontist or a nearby emergency care facility to resolve your orthodontic emergency. You are responsible for any and all associated costs.

emergencies during office hours:

If you experience a true orthodontic emergency during our normal patient scheduled weekday business hours, we will make every attempt to resolve your emergency the same day provided you are willing to come to the office during our normal business hours. You must contact us as soon as you experience the orthodontic emergency and please do not wait until the end of the business day to contact us for an emergency that occurred much earlier during the day or the week.

emergencies after office hours:

If you experience a true orthodontic emergency after our normal patient scheduled weekday business hours or on weekends, please contact our office first by following the above instructions in using our voice mail system. The orthodontist-on-call who returns your call will provide you with additional instructions. Since we are not a 24-hour open emergency orthodontic care facility, depending upon the nature of your emergency, you will be directed to contact your family dentist, oral surgeon, an orthodontist or a nearby emergency care facility. Patient may not seen at the office during our non-business hours due to security, liability and staffing concerns.

CALL 911 or your emergency medical facility:

Please call 911 or your nearing emergency care facility and seek the necessary treatment if a serious face or mouth injury occurs anywhere near an appliance OR it causes an appliance to break OR if a piece of the appliance is inhaled or gets in the way of breathing OR if, a broken appliance prevents the mouth from opening or closing OR if the pain from an appliance is still felt even after taking an over-the-counter pain reliever. If you experience any of the above emergencies, please seek emergency medical attention first. You may, if the situation warrants, at your option and at your cost, seek emergency medical or dental or orthodontic care at your nearest hospital emergency care facility, or your family dentist or your physician or an orthodontist nearest to your location.

contact office:

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Dr. Patel’s desire is that you never have an orthodontic emergency throughout your orthodontic treatment, however, orthodontic emergency may arise due to unavoidable circumstances.

You can avoid most orthodontic emergencies by carefully following your orthodontist instructions, avoiding foods that can lead to appliance breakage, wearing mouth guard and protective devices during certain active sports, keeping routine scheduled orthodontic visits and seeing your family dentist for routine checkups and cleaning regularly

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