parts of braces:


You have been given a brochure and written instructions that describes various orthodontic appliances commonly used in orthodontic treatment. Please read and understand the different orthodontic appliances that are used in your treatment, so that you can help communicate with our office about any orthodontic problems that you or your child may experience. Some of the main parts you will find on a set of braces are:

Brackets (Braces): These are small metal squares that are attached to the teeth with a special bonding agent. Braces hold the archwires to your teeth.
Bands: These are metal rings that are placed around the teeth and are usually fitted on the back teeth. The bands are cemented to the teeth with a special bonding agent.
Headgear Tubes: The bands have special tubes (usually large tubes) that hold the headgear or lip bumper or other appliances in place.
Archwires (Wires): These are thin wires that guide your teeth as they shift or move.
Ties: These are the small rubber rings (colored) or small fine wires that hold the archwires onto the brackets.
Springs: These are metal wires that help open or close spaces between the teeth.
Elastics: These are rubber bands that help the upper and lower teeth align.

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