Openbite is an insufficient vertical overlap of the teeth. It is caused by oral habits such as tongue thrust, finger-sucking, or when the jaws don't grow evenly. Timing of treatment is critical to the overall success of the therapy.

An open bite results when the upper and lower incisor teeth do not touch when biting down. This open space between the upper and lower front teeth causes all the chewing pressure to be placed on the back teeth. This excessive biting pressure and rubbing together of the back teeth makes chewing less efficient and may contribute to significant tooth or teeth wear.

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How can an openbite be orthodontically corrected?

Openbite can be corrected through growth modification of the jaws using braces; extrusion of the front teeth and in some cases, surgical correction of the jaws alignment. Also, breaking oral habits such as digit sucking and other habits will help the correction of an openbite.

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