Overjet is also known as “protrusion” of teeth. In this case, the lower teeth are too far behind the upper front teeth. This can be caused by an improper alignment of the molars (Class II Relationship); a skeletal imbalance of the upper and lower jaw; flared upper incisors; missing lower teeth; or a combination of all the above. In addition, oral habits such as thumb or finger sucking or tongue thrusting can exacerbate the condition. Upper front teeth that protrude beyond normal contact with the lower front teeth are prone to injury, often indicate a poor bite of the back teeth (molars), and may indicate unevenness in jaw growth. Commonly, protruded upper teeth are associated with a lower jaw that is deficient or underdeveloped in proportion to the upper jaw. Thumb and finger sucking habits can also cause a protrusion of the upper incisor teeth.

Overjet should be corrected because it can:

  • prevent proper functioning of the front teeth
  • lead to premature wear
  • make your smile less attractive
  • make front teeth more vulnerable to trauma

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How can overjet be orthodontically corrected?

Overjet can be corrected through growth modification using a headgear or functional jaw appliances and/or elastics to reduce the skeletal imbalance or sometimes extraction of teeth may be required in combination thereof.

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