Underbite or lower jaw protrusion: The lower jaw is excessively larger or more developed that the upper jaw or the upper jaw is relatively less developed than the lower jaw or a combination thereof (class III relationship). This can cause the lower front teeth to protrude ahead of the upper front teeth creating a dental crossbite. Careful monitoring of jaw growth and tooth development is indicated for these patients.

Underbite should be corrected because it can:

  • prevent proper functioning of the front teeth or molars which can lead to premature wear of the teeth.
  • cause chewing or eating problems.
  • cause jaw joint problems.
  • make your smile less attractive.

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How can an underbite be orthodontically corrected?

Underbite can be corrected through growth modification of the jaws; extraction of teeth; and in some cases surgical correction of the jaws in combination with orthodontic treatment.

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