your initial consultation with Dr. Patel

At the beginning of orthodontic treatment, sometimes, patients are a little apprehensive about orthodontic treatment. This is why we have designed a private, comfortable room in which we perform our initial preliminary visual evaluation and consultation. We feel it is very important to get to know our new patients personally and also, for the patient to get to know us. Because this time is as much a relationship building activity as it is an actual orthodontic examination, our new patients and parents leave the initial examination feeling much more relaxed and at ease with the entire orthodontic process.

Your initial consultation consists of a visual clinical evaluation that will take approximately 30 minutes. Dr. Patel, will examine your teeth, jaw structure, facial pattern and present a general idea of treatment options, if treatment is indicated. We provide specially designed private clinical examination and consultation room. We have computerized digital imaging and patient education software(s) that outlines and describes various orthodontic problems and some common solutions to these problems – in audiovisual formats.

Treatment Plan Discussion

Based upon the preliminary visual exam and assessment, Dr. Patel, will recommend a proposed, tentative treatment plan(s).

Dr. Patel will answer the following important questions at this consultation visit -

  1. What are the Orthodontic problem(s)?
  2. What is the treatment procedures used to correct these orthodontic problem(s)?
  3. What are the treatment option(s)?
  4. How long will the treatment take?
  5. How much will the cost be?

Dr. Patel, as a part of his commitment to educate prospective patients, will then show you some cases that are similar to the problems discussed and the outcomes of such cases for better educational understanding of the treatment process! We will also show you the type of appliances that will be used in plain and simple to understand language! We will discuss your orthodontic needs, concerns, the estimate of the treatment time and the costs involved.

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