financial consultation:

After the initial consultation, our financial coordinator will discuss the financial options including insurance coverage and the scheduling of the Orthodontic Diagnostic Records appointment, if treatment is indicated.

Often time, patients have questions about how we determine the orthodontic fees. Our fees are determined after evaluation of each individual case.

Orthodontic treatment fees are based on one or more of the following guidelines:

    • The nature of the orthodontic problem(s)
    • The complexity of the case
    • The treatment time
    • The treatment plan selected
    • The desired end result
    • The materials and the type of appliances used
    • Any special concerns or circumstances that may be involved in each individual case

Generally, treatment fees may be paid over the course of active treatment. Arrangements commonly offered may include but not limited to: an initial down payment with monthly installments; credit card payments and financing with no down payment/low monthly payments for qualified individuals is available by contacting Insurance plans or other employer-sponsered payment programs, such as direct reimbursement plans etc., may also be helpful.

financial options:

Orthodontic treatment is an excellent investment in the overall dental, medical and psychological well being of the children and adults. Therefore, we believe that financial considerations should not be an obstacle to a beautiful smile. Our practice offers a wide range of payment options from the more common in-office interest free plan with a down payment to other options that including third party financing with no initial payment and low monthly installment payment plans for qualified individuals.

For your payment convenience, we accept payment by check, cash, VISA, MasterCard and Discover Credit cards.

insurance information:

Our insurance coordinator will be glad to assist you in filing your orthodontic insurance. Please bring your insurance information at your initial consultation appointment. Although our insurance coordinator may be able to assist you in maximizing your benefits, we, however, strongly recommend that patients review their dental contract before starting orthodontic or TMJ treatment. Most plans do not pay for the entire cost of the orthodontic or TMJ treatment. There may be a deductible clause, a dollar limit and excluded services. If you do not know whether your dental insurance plan covers orthodontic services, you are encouraged to contact your human resources or benefits department at work, your insurance company directly, or union representative, who will outline the extent of your orthodontic benefits.

For your convenience, we will submit insurance claims pertaining to any orthodontic care rendered by our office. We ask that you provide us with your claim forms wherein all the pertinent information is accurately and completely filled.

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