getting started with orthodontic treatment!

welcome and registration!

Our initial registration requires very little time to complete the health and related registration paperwork. Our website offers the necessary forms required for the initial consultation visit! Of course, we are always happy to mail these forms to you, so that at your convenience you can complete these forms and bring them to our office at your initial consultation appointment.

contact us by phone or by visiting our website

When you call us, we will take some very basic information about you or the minor patient and the parents. We will then, mail you a welcome package kit that will have the registration forms, directions and the practice information. Or, if you prefer, simply download the forms and complete them at your convenience before your complementary initial orthodontic evaluation appointment. By completing these forms before your initial complementary orthodontic evaluation appointment, you will save time completing the forms at the office.

computerized check-in:

Our office offers computerized check-in process. This process is quick, efficient and enables our staff in intra-office communication and helps our dedicated staff to properly and efficiently assist our patients. Computerized check-in also helps provide important reminder(s) to our patients and our dedicated staff during your orthodontic treatment.

our reception area:

Although we are committed to minimizing your wait time in our reception room, our reception area offers an environment of comfortable seating, pleasant music, and variety of magazines - from fashions to information technology! We also, provide a fun game area for those who wish to entertain on video games while waiting!

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